The New World of Business Requires New Solutions

ot only are we living in an ever-changing world, but the changes now are also more disruptive and challenging than we had ever imagined. Even before the pandemic mayhem, trends like digitalization & automation, and the ‘disruption’ that came with them, brought threats to businesses. While they may have been disruptive, they also presented many opportunities before businesses. With an ever expanding globalized economy, organizations need to continuously adapt and evolve to meet changing marketplace dynamics.

IIM Udaipur’s educational programs are founded on the philosophy of a transformational learning experience for the participants that enables meaningful and enduring change. We aim to provide the platform for learning that catalyzes a transformational change among program participants and enables them to deliver competitive advantage and sustainable growth in the contemporary business paradigms.

Approach to Customized Programs

crafts programs tailored to your organization’s specific objectives and goals. We collaborate with you to develop your people with knowledge and tools necessary to address challenges and opportunities. Our process starts with listening and asking the right questions, so that we can understand your specific training needs. We then bring the resources and expertise of not only IIM Udaipur faculty but also the relevant industry practitioners associated with us, to design programs from the ground level up that fit your needs. Our four-stage process is designed to create an effective intervention that addresses your specific learning and development needs.

In order to focus on your desired outcomes, IIM Udaipur faculty members will work with you to gain a better understanding of your exact needs, challenges and development priorities. This engagement and collaboration will help determine what the learning objectives are and the impact you want to achieve.

During this stage we will identify the specific skills, concepts, and principles you want your team to learn and the challenges you wish them to address. Together, we determine approaches and toolset to be used to equip your team with the required skills. We shall create a framework that fits the values and strategy of the organization.

Our faculty members will deliver a high quality program, designed to have an engaging learning experience for the participants.

At the end of the program, participants get an opportunity to reflect on their learning experience and how could they implement these experiences at their workplace. The goal is to keep the curiosity and learning alive in them so that not only they get better at solving managerial problems, but continue and good and relevant questions.

Customized Training Areas

AtIIM Udaipur, customized training programs are designed with a focus on solving complex managerial problems and decision making, where insights of eminent faculty and practitioners create positive learning outcomes and lasting impact.

Our customized programs cover a wide range of areas. While some of them are given below, we are happy to design programs in other areas as well, based on your needs.

  • General Management
  • Business Policy
  • Business Analytics
  • Change Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Finance for Non Finance Executives
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Managing Finances
  • Managerial Communication
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Strategy for Competitive Advantage
  • Talent Management

Learning is easily accessible

THE Customized Management Development Programs of IIM Udaipur can be delivered in many different ways: live virtual (synchronous learning), on Campus, or at company site, or through a blend of these. Whichever format or location you choose, you can be rest assured that your organization’s learning experiences will be of high quality.

What Some of Our Clients Say

“The Customised Management Development Programs of IIM Udaipur can be delivered in many different ways: live virtual (synchronous learning), on Campus, or at company site, or through a blend of these. Whichever format or location you choose, you can be rest assured that your organisation’s learning experiences will be of high quality.”

Sr GM (HR), Power Grid Corporation of India

“IIM Udaipur is an amalgamation of learning. It has the best inhouse and international faculties with deep knowledge and expertise. We had a very good experience collaborating with IIMU for the Fintech Programme. Our participants had a great learning through their flexible and customised delivery of sessions. We look forward to associate with IIMU in future too.”

Program Coordinator, Reserve Bank of India Academy

“Excellent learning pathways for future deep dive into AI/ML/BCT.”

Participant, Reserve Bank of India

“Highly technical sessions but covered in a very understandable manner. Got to know basics of AI/ ML and how it really works in the back end. In terms of job related impact, as we are already in the initial stages of work related to developing chat bot functionalities in our existing portals, the sessions gave very useful insights.”

Participant, Reserve Bank of India Academy

“Sessions handled by Shri Srinivas Athreya, Shri Rajesh Dhuddu and Prof.Shankar Prakash were extremely good, as it started with the basics and progressed towards the technicalities of the subject matter.”

Participant, Reserve Bank of India Academy

“Good overview of FinTech from a regulatory, supervisory and industry perspective.”

Participant, Reserve Bank of India

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