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Digital technologies are increasingly becoming ubiquitous and digitally enabled business models are proliferating. On the one hand, these technologies and business models have enabled the emergence of many new Fortune-500 companies. On the other hand, they have had disruptive impacts on many established industries and business models, and threatened the very survival of many conventional businesses and organizations. Organizations need to devise new strategies, modify their existing business models, and undergo strategic business transformations, in order to be able to take up new opportunities available in this emerging business landscape, and/or successfully respond to the existential threats posed by these business models. 

This program will allow participants to learn how CEOs and top management teams integrate the understanding of digital technologies and digitally enabled business models with strategy making and business transformation process, in order to improve competitive advantage, enhance business performance, and improve economic sustainability of their enterprises.


This program aims to build an understanding among the participants as to how to formulate a digital strategy for an enterprise and make it an integral part of the overall business strategy, and how to drive digital transformation.

The program may allow the participants to learn

  • How digitally enabled business models allow firms to create and capture superior value.
  • How firms may take up new digital opportunities and respond to digital threats by launching digitally enabled business models
  • The organizational, leadership and change management processes involved in digital transformation.
  • New capabilities required for enabling digital transformation.

Program duration: 

This open program is designed as a 3-day residential program to be conducted on the IIM Udaipur campus. Participants are required to travel to Udaipur to attend the program in person. Since it is a residential program, participants will be accommodated in a suitable hotel on a single occupancy basis.

Program content: 

While the core content and philosophy of the programme will remain rooted in the strategy literature, the cases, examples, readings, and videos will be continuously updated in order to keep pace with rapidly co-evolving digital technologies and their use cases, emergence of new digitally enabled business models, and success and failure stories in India and international settings.

The program will adopt a pedagogy that may allow participants to combine analytical learnings with experiential learnings. While the blending of conceptual learning with cases and real-life examples will facilitate analytical learnings, intensive workshop activities will facilitate active participation and experiential learning in simulated business scenarios.

The brief contents of the program are:

  • Strategic thinking in the emerging digital landscape
  • Superior value creation and capture through digital models and technologies
  • Launching digitally enabled business models
  • New capabilities for digital transformation
  • Driving digital transformation 1: Organizational processes
  • Driving digital transformation 2: Leadership and change management.


  • Blending of conceptual learnings with cases and other live examples
    • Very recent cases (Indian and international), covering wide range of organizations, digital technologies, and business transformation issues.
    • Supplemented by readings based on recent publications in leading practice-focused journals.
    • Short videos on cases and digital technologies
  • Short intensive workshop activities for encouraging active participation and building experiential learning in simulated business scenarios.
  • Group projects and class presentations.

Target audience:

Members of senior management teams

  • Involved in the formulation and implementation of enterprise strategies.
  • Assuming significant general management and strategy execution roles.
  • Assuming responsibilities for driving functional, product-lines or divisional performance.

No prior background in digital technologies would be required to participate in the program.


Interested & eligible candidates may apply online using the link in the “Apply now” column and make the payment.

Acceptance of applications:

All the applications received till the last date will be evaluated by a faculty panel, and the candidates who are found eligible will be intimated via email by the ExEd office.
If a candidate is not selected, the amount paid by such candidates will be refunded in due course by the Institute.

Program dates:

Start Date: Thursday, December 12, 2024

End Date: Saturday, December 14, 2024

Early Bird Discount (EBD) till: 

Thursday, October 31, 2024

Last date for application: 

Thursday, November 28, 2024

Last date for withdrawal:

Thursday, November 28, 2024

Program fee:

Rs 1,18,000 (Rs 1,00,000 + 18% GST) to be paid along with the application form.

Early bird discount (EBD): 

Applications received on or before October 31, 2024, will attract an early bird discount of 5% on the fee before tax per participant.

The amount payable with EBD will be Rs 1,12,100 (Rs 95,000+18% GST)

Corporate/group discounts:

Any company sponsoring three or more candidates will be given a corporate discount based on the number of participants sponsored for that program. 

For further details, please get in touch with the ExEd office.


Shaleen Gopal

Program Director

Shaleen Gopal, a Fellow of IIM Bangalore, is Associate Professor in the Business Policy and Strategy area at IIM Udaipur. In academics for over a decade, Shaleen brings rich experience in teaching and research. He has taught courses on competitive and corporate strategy in the regular MBA programs. Shaleen has also been involved in executive education. He has participated in executive education programs for firms in banking, chemicals, and technology industries. He has delivered sessions on competitive and growth strategies in these programs. Shaleen is also an active researcher. His ongoing research investigates the evolution of high-end technology industries in India, the impact of regulatory interventions, and the growth strategies of firms.

Prarthan Desai

Program Director

Prarthan Desai, a Fellow of IIM Bangalore, is an adjunct faculty of strategy at IIM Udaipur. In addition, he serves as the Vice President and Head of Strategy Consulting at Infinity Consultant Limited. In his Consulting role, Prarthan has handled many assignments related to growth strategy formulation and implementation, digital transformation, organization design and strategic performance management using Balanced Scorecards® in several organizations across multiple sectors.

Prarthan has previously worked as a faculty of strategy at IIM Calcutta, where he continues offering strategy courses at present. He has also taught at IIM Ahmedabad as a visiting faculty of strategy. He brings extensive experience of conducting short and long-duration executive development programs for senior management. Prarthan also acts as an advisor and mentor to technology startups and helps them in refining their business models and raising funds.

Jijo P Mathew

Program Faculty

Jijo P. Mathew, presently serving as a Professor of Practice in Business Policy & Strategy at IIM Udaipur, brings a wealth of industry experience to his role. With a primary focus on Software Product Engineering Services, Systems Integration engagements, Captive set-up, and Operations Management, he possesses expertise across various domains.

Jijo has held numerous leadership positions in his more than 30 years of professional experience. He spent 11 years as Vice President of Engineering, overseeing the Bangalore Delivery Centre at GlobalLogic, Bioclinica, and Ness Technologies, concentrating on Product & Platform Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Design to Engineering realization. Before this, he contributed to IBM Global Services for over 15 years, serving as an Industry Leader for Pharma and Life Sciences Global Delivery, among other roles. Additionally, he gained valuable experience at NSL Limited as a Senior Product Engineering professional for approximately five years.

Jijo holds a PGSEM from IIM Bangalore, an MBA from Cochin University, and a B. Tech from the College of Engineering Trivandrum. Currently, he is pursuing an EFPM from XLRI Xavier School of Management.

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