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About the program

Management Simulation Games Open Program is the only one of its kind where participants learn through the unique pedagogy of playing board games. The games are selected or designed in a way that to do well, participants must use skills which form the learning objectives for the session.


The program covers skills that are highly relevant to managers. Managers generally have roles that require complex decision-making, strategic planning, and regular internal or external negotiations. The unique pedagogy of using board games ensures very high engagement levels during the program and excellent retention levels for concepts after the program.

The program covers four primary skills which are relevant for most managerial roles:

  1. Goal-driven Decision-making
  2. Win-Win Negotiations
  3. Strategy Formulation and Execution
  4. Competitive Strategy – WATCH VIDEO

Program duration: 

This open program is designed as a 3-day residential program to be conducted on the IIM Udaipur campus. Participants are required to travel to Udaipur to attend the program in person. Since it is a residential program, participants will be accommodated in a suitable hotel on a single occupancy basis.

Program content: 

  • Goal-driven Decision-making
  • Win-Win Negotiations
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution
  • Competitive Strategy – WATCH VIDEO


The pedagogy requires the participants first to play a board game that is designed or selected in a way that, to do well, participants must use skills that form the learning objectives for the session. The participants’ experiences from the game then form the basis for a discussion session which follows. In this session, the instructor helps the participants connect their experiences from the game to relevant management concepts. This experiential nature of the games ensures that participants retain the concepts for a long time.

The pedagogy is completely experiential in nature and uses board games to simulate complex management situations for the participants. The games are dynamic in nature, and hence, the situations that the participants face as a group are diverse. The games require careful planning, strategizing and execution of planned strategies, as well as quick thinking in dynamic situations. The usage of games ensures a high fun quotient for the participants, thereby boosting engagement and retention levels.

Target audience:

The program is suitable for middle and senior managers, preferably with 5-15 years of work experience in the organization. It is also relevant for business owners of small or medium enterprises.


Interested & eligible candidates must apply online using the link in the “Apply now” column and make the payment. 

Acceptance of applications:

Post the last date of the application process, all the applications received till date will be scrutinized by the panel of faculty. Candidates found eligible will be informed by email from the ExEd office. 

The institute will refund the amount paid by non-eligible candidates.

Program dates:

Start Date: Thursday, June 06, 2024

End Date: Saturday, June 08, 2024

Last date for application: 

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Last date for withdrawal:

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Program fee:

Rs 70,800 (Rs 60,000 + 18% GST) to be paid along with the application form.

Early bird discount (EBD): 

Applications received on or before May 09, 2024, will attract an early bird discount of 5% on the fee before tax per participant. 

The amount payable with EBD will be Rs 67,260 (Rs 57,000+18% GST)

Corporate/group discounts:

Any company sponsoring three or more candidates will be given a corporate discount based on the number of participants sponsored for that program. 

For further details, please get in touch with the ExEd office.


Shobhit Aggarwal

Program Coordinator

Shobhit Aggarwal is an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Udaipur in Finance and Accounting. He has an MBA from IIM Lucknow (2006) followed by a doctorate from IIM Bangalore (2015). He has been teaching using board games since 2011. He teaches a full course using board games at IIM Udaipur. His gamified sessions are very well received by both corporate trainees and management students.


“I will only retain this course in 10-20 years.”

Mayank Mishra, MBA, IIM Udaipur

“The negotiations workshop helped us get perspective on all conversations that are a part of our everyday business. It helped us cut through the notion that a negotiation will end with 1 winner and 1 loser. We can now identify win-win scenarios which leads to more collaboration, strengthened relationships and stakeholders delight.”

Aadarsh Agarwal, Manager, Makeup, Nykaa

“The course taught management concepts in such a way that everyone could grasp them and retain them forever. The debrief sessions were very helpful – being so interactive and bringing out the learnings from the games we just played.”

Priyanka, MBA, IIM Udaipur

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I liked that we had to play a game as it enabled us to use negotiation skills in a practical way that is very similar to what we would use in our brand management roles. All the games in our session had different outcomes so it was a great way to show how negotiation can really influence end outcomes. The talk at the end was also engaging with a lot of real-world examples that illustrated the key takeaways of the workshop.”

Aditi Moorthy, Senior Manager, Site Strategy, Nykaa

“One of the best courses I have taken at IIMU. It was exciting, insightful and fun-filled; and still full of meaningful learnings. Seldom do all these things come together so well. This course also had the closest real-world perspective among all subjects.”

Rohit Surendran, MBA, IIM Udaipur

I found the negotiations workshop to be not only interesting but also very impactful due the following reasons:

1. It was interactive and gamified : We had to actively participate in the workshop as opposed to just listening. The gamification only added to the fun. It’s always good when it’s some work and some play!!

2. The debrief : While the debrief broke down each component of the game and related them to aspects of negotiation, what added to its effectiveness is that it was Nykaa specific. Both case studies as well as Nykaa specific examples were used to solidify our understanding

Anvi Desai, Associate Manager, Key Accounts, IIM Udaipur

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